Barbecue. Precisely.


Every company needs a song, right? This one is special to us.

One of our first customers (B. Olson of Frisco, TX) like his pit so much, he wrote a song about it.  Then another customer, Kim Winters-Gautier, recorded it

The Ballad of Karubecue

Come and listen to my story ’bout a man named Bill,

A poor engineer who could never get his fill,

Then one day after fussin’ ’bout the ‘cue,

He swore to make the best pit, named Karubecue

(Smokers that is … low ‘n slow … Texas mesquite)

After four long years Bill finally found a way,

Friends all said, “Make me a Karubecue today!”

“We all wanna taste that creosote-free food,”

Worked in his garage, building Karubecues

(Pits that is … steady temps … crystal smoke)

With Bill’s Karubecue steadily at work,

We spend our Saturdays with one colossal perk,

One manly ritual: smoking cows and hogs

To slice, pull & serve, with cobbler, beer & slaw

(Karubecues … smoker pits that is … Karubecues!)

Vocals: Kim Winters-Gautier | Guitar: Chris Vystrcil | Re-Write (lyrics): B. Olson
Music & Writer: Paul Henning | Produced by: Kim Winters-Gautier