Barbecue. Precisely.

Smoke Selector Flavor

Ordinary pits have simple dampers that control pit temperature and the combustion process. Throttle back to control temperature and the fire smolders due to lack of oxygen, causing black and bitter creosote to condense on your meat. Open the dampers to clean up the smoke and temps shoot sky-high. Frustrating!

KBQ® technology provides independent control of your flavor profile. The Smoke Selector Firebox has two outlets that are valved to select the type of smoke that is drawn into the Cookbox:

  • The lower outlet is located below the Firebox coal tray. Pulling from this outlet forces smoke to pass downward through the hot and well-oxygenated coal bed, where it is thoroughly burned as an inverted flame.  This hot combustion produces clear-to-blue smoke, a lighter and sweeter flavor profile, and burgundy-to-mahogany coloration.
  • The upper outlet is located above the Firebox coal tray. Pulling from this outlet bypasses the hot coal tray and the resulting combustion is cooler and less complete. The smoke dischage will be visible, the flavor profile will be heavier and smokier, and colorations will be darker.

image01     image02

Inverted Flame Mode, suitable for longer cooks (e.g. briskets, pork butts) where flavors have more time to accumulate.

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Bypass Mode can be useful on shorter cooks (e.g., chicken) that have reduced exposure time.

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Mixed Mode is great for ribs