Barbecue. Precisely.

Inverted Flame Combustion

Man has been cooking meat over a fire for about a million years. We turn this arrangement on its head. Three key learnings from U of Q:

  1. The Fire Triangle: combustion requires fuel, oxygen & heat.
  2. How Wood Burns: smoke is a fuel; it burns as a flame.
  3. Creosote: unburned smoke makes for some nasty barbecue.

obj615geo1078pg21p10 obj687geo729shd17pg21p10 obj733geo731pg21p10When a KBQ® Firebox operates in Inverted Flame mode, power is drawn from the bottom of the fire. Smoke is pulled downward, through the hot bed of coals, which is kept well-oxygenated by adjacent air vents. This action completes the fire triangle, creating an inverted flame and clear-to-blue “smoke” – the kind that great pit bosses make after years of experience managing real wood fires.

Karubecue X-400 Firebox